Founded in 2017 by US Air Force Veteran Adam "Sarge" Shidler.


After nine years of service (actually 8 years, 11 months, and 11 days, but who is counting) Sarge returned to Weslaco. During his service, he had sampled coffee in 3 countries using various methods and discovered the wide flavors coffee could provide.

In 2013 Sarge began to experiment with various home brewing methods. Beginning with traditional french press, moving into the "Aeropress" and Cold-Brewing, and finally the Pour-Over. Spending 4 years experimenting with different roast, different brewing methods, Sarge began to find that coffee is simple but complicated, and there was no place in Weslaco to get quality coffee.

Coffee is simple but complicated may sound conflicting but lets compare to something else. Steak! Steak is meat and heat right? However; a hamburger is also meat and heat. The difference lies in the method and quality. It is the same with coffee, quality and method make your brew.


Our Founding Team


Adam "Sarge" Shidler

Thomas Shidler

Sheila Shidler
Community Outreach